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Introducing VAX-D 

The Non-Surgical Solution to Low Back Pain

As Seen on CBS, ABC, and NBC , VAX-D is one of the most heralded breakthrough in the history of back treatment! 

In clinical trials 7 out of 10 Low Back Patients were prone to avoid surgery!!

Most patients regain full range of motion and are free to work out, play sports, have fun and return to a normal life!

VAX-D Defined:

VAX-D, Vertebral Axial Decompression Therapy –

Simply put, it’s a non-surgical procedure that decompresses (takes pressure off) the discs and nerves in your lower back. 

Vax-D is an active treatment modality that has been proven through clinical studies to be safe, effective and economical.  Vax-D technology is scientifically engineered for high-tech performances and easy operation.

Built in safety features, precision controls and monitoring devices enable therapists to apply optimal levels of tension along the linear axis of the vertebral column.  This distracts the lumbar vertebrae and decompresses the intervertebral discs and facets resulting in remarkable relief for many patients.

Why is

VAX-D So Effective?

Vax-D treats the underlying causes of low back pain and not just the symptoms.  Low back pain is usually caused from herniated discs that are putting pressure on the spinal nerves.  Patients are treated on the VAX-D Therapeutic Table, which is programmed to slowly separate, gently stretching the lumbar spine.  This stretching creates a negative pressure within the disc and allows the herniation to retract, thus relieving the pressure on the nerves, and the pain.  There are no complications associated with the treatment. 


Vax-D Treatment is Recommended for the following Symptoms / Diagnosis:

  • Herniated Disc
  • Sciatica
  • Degenerative Disc Disease
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Advised to have surgery

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